Trollbusters #4

Matthew Filmore Ryan(Main Brown One)
Jonathan Roland Moore (Second Brown One)
Benedict Harper Jones (Blue One).

When a large number of troll comics begin popping up all over Facepunch by their creator, a disclosed User #4497, the FBI enlists the aid of university paranormal scientist turned troll hunters called the Trollbusters to help track down #4497 and ban him for good.

Part 1:
Part 2:

I really like this comic. Also I love how the image site you are using is the “dumb” rating.

I only used that site because FileSmelt was down.

Keep up the good work.

Another great trollbusters comic, keep it up, it’s awesome

I feel weird by posting from my mobile phone…

Great comic, i lol’d at the scout and heavy part. :v:

Haha, great comic. I really like the the cutscene part. “To attract viewers”

hmm semes you’ll need to find a new host. cant view the files now! :frowning: