Trollbusters #5

Now I am starting a machinima project with a few other users on another website. This is going to require me to learn how to edit. So the comics are going to be less frequent while I study the GIMP editing. So this is a small comic to show what I know to edit so far.

Also, I have now changed the Trollbusters personality(at least Benedict’s) so that they are less boring doctors and more badass troll busting machines.

Matthew Filmore Ryan(Main Brown One)
Jonathan Roland Moore (Second Brown One)
Benedict Harper Jones (Blue One).

When a large number of troll comics begin popping up all over Facepunch by their creator, a disclosed User #4497, the FBI enlists the aid of university paranormal scientist turned troll hunters called the Trollbusters to help track down #4497 and ban him for good.

This one is a bit too short, keep up the good work.