Trollface Mod

Clientside: Gives everyone around you a goddamn troll face. Including Ragdolls. (Script Enforcer has disabled)
Serverside: Gives everyone on the server a trollface. Including Ragdolls.






Important Instruction of Install
Shove a dick up your ass if you don’t know how to install this.

Seeing a trollface on another player might cause you to want to troll them.

Thanks to...

Llamalords (me)

Beta Testers

  • My TTT server.


  • My Left Nut.


Oh dear god.

You’re going to get flamed. Really really badly. Really.

[editline]28th January 2012[/editline]

Oh yes i remember you you were that guy who ported Fallout 3 models(Badly) and got really mad when people didn’t appreciate them enough.

Dude this is a goddamn piece of art and don’t you dare INSULT ITS NAME. IT TOOK ME APPROXIMATELY 5 minutes to code this shit. I worked hard and now I won’t be able to sleep at night because the thought of getting flamed is too much for me to handle!

[sp]But in all seriousness that was when, 3 years ago? How about you grow up and learn to take a joke. [/sp]

I can take a joke. This isn’t a funny joke. It’s stale and repetetive.

That’s an opinion not a fact. You take the internet way too seriously. As far as I’m concerned if at least one person laughed. Then it was worth it.

instant lua king

This is fucking stupid.

Sarcastic lua king for you, sir.

Once one person says something. It’s opinion.

When more than five people say it?

It’s fact.
Six people rated you dumb.

I’d have to agree with Drsalvador on this one, this is a pretty worthless addon that would probably end up on either a Ten-Year Old’s server or Noobonic Plague.


I mean this is a pretty terrible addon but that’s just dumb right there

Since when did addons have to be large and complex? If you don’t want it, Don’t install.

Also I don’t know what world you live Drsalvador on but since when did something that was agreed on by 5 people become fact? How does an opinion turn into a fact, and what are the differences between a fact and an opinion? I find it funny how disconnected you are from reality and how immature you are.

This addon makes me all sad inside. Not all that great sir.

this is the most absolutely fucking stupid addon i’ve ever seen
dumber then those threads people made when they made a new awesome face background

lol nobody is forcing you to download this, why complain? clearly it’s not even a serious addon.

I think its absolutely awesome!

:20bux: says this is op’s alt.

You’re going to lose 20bux :slight_smile:

EDIT: Fixed for all the people that never accomplished their dream of becoming an English teacher.

This isn’t a “Piece of work”. This is merely some code that has been thrown together with the goal to please … Which sadly it has not accomplished. I advise you to work more on your Lua skills … and your concept of a piece of work, and only after then should you release something. The season where trolling was cool is over, you missed it.

oh yeah… gmod13 witht png support… i see this addon, with own player faces (upaded on a website)
oh man…