Trolling/Griefing DarkRP servers, is it a new activity in the Garry's Mod world?

Trolling/Griefing DarkRP servers, is it a new activity in the Garry’s Mod world? What do you think?

I see that alot of persons like to do the above.

admin or ddos

Most DarkRP hosters don’t even know what a DoS/DDoS is.

It’s actually fairly old already.

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I’ve never seen one who doesn’t.

I’ve seen that it started to get more “coverage” the last year.

I personally hate DarkRP with a goddamn passion for this exact reason because a whole lot of the servers I host are DarkRP and almost every single one of them have been DDoSed at one time or another.

I like how none of you understand what a DDoS is. A DDoS is a massive network attack. None of you are important enough to warrant one. Hell, Facepunch itself hardly gets such things.

You’re thinking of skiddies with DoSers they found on skiddie websites run by skiddies.

I’ve been DDoSed, my 6 server on different ips and boxes have been DDoSed out of the blue.

Since when is this a ‘new’ activity?

DDoS isn’t necessarily hard to do anymore. You assume this is 2000. Starting up a botnet is as easy as downloading a shitty hostbooter and getting 9 year olds to install your bot.

DDoSing isn’t necessarily something people waste on GMod servers. You assume people other than those reading your FP topic know of your server. Starting up a botnet is as easy as getting 9 year olds to download your bot to put in hostbooters to get other 9 year olds to download and install your bot.

It’s EXTREMELY rare that a game server is DDoSed. Maybe 1/1000 servers that claim it are actually DDoSed by a botnet or group. Most of the time (99.9%) it’s just some skiddies with shitty DoSers downloaded from a skiddie forum. With 5-20 of these skiddies, most servers DO go down. That doesn’t make it a DDoS.

Unless a server is hosted on a home connection, you aren’t going to take it offline with LOIC. It isn’t a waste your reason behind starting up a botnet is DDoSing servers. DDoS is incredibly common on GMod servers seeing as any 12 year old kid can start up a botnet and take whatever the fuck he wants down. Hell, you can even buy shitty shell booters off hackforums that will do the work for you.

Alright, just gonna abridge my reply to keep it short:

  1. I never said one or two, but a group of 5-20 skiddies DoSing a server. One won’t take down shit.
  2. Botnets don’t automatically make you a king. They’re worthless if you know your shit.
  3. Hackforums is a skiddie forum, as I said earlier.

Other than that, your posts didn’t have too much substance, so that’s all I can say.

You aren’t getting my point. A DDoS is easily done by a couple hundred active members in the GMod community. It happens a whole lot more then you seem to think it does.

I host a network of servers with hundreds of services on them which get DDoSed quite often. I know what a DDoS is, and currently the most popular attack is more of a DDoS than anything.

It utilizes every single COD4 and SRCDS server in the world to DDoS a server by spoofing UDP packets, and that’s the attack I see 90% of the time. If that isn’t distributed enough for you, I don’t know what is.

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P.S. Two computers attacking anything could be considered a DDoS if you paid attention to the word ‘distributed’. That doesn’t mean thousands and thousands of computers from all over the world.

My favourite PERP2 server has been DDoSed for two months, and is STILL BEING DDoSed.
If you don’t know which, it’s PubGamer Australia, all their servers are being DDoSed.

If the admin was able to keep their server offline for that long due to DDoS, then the server owner obviously doesn’t know how to manage servers correctly.

Or maybe people like yourself really don’t know what they’re talking about.

We were being attacked by in excess of 200 different IP’s before.