Tron: Evolution conversion project.

So, I debated for quite some time if I should put this on Facepunch, but sharing is caring, and Garrysmod needs some higher detail Tron models.

So I’ve recently taken up the task of converting 90% of the models from Tron: Evolution into Garrysmod, and although I don’t have much experience on modeling, I’ve been doing OK so far, here are some screenshots for proof.

That’s what I’ve ported into source so far, all of the textures for the map are from Tron: Evolution too.

So, you may of saw some issues with the lightcycles in those images, most being that the glass is just a white texture at the moment, but it’s coming on well.

I’m also working on a small roleplay map using map textures from Tron: Evolution as well.

I will post more progress here when I can.

Also, since I’m quite spread out at the moment I’m taking help for:

Rigging models
Creating collision hulls for models
LUA coding for certain stuff. (basic vehicle’s etc)

My steam username is kieron532.


Post in the modeling subforum, you’re more likely to get help with what you need.

Looks…Amazing GREAT job :smiley:

my god

i was expecting an ideas guy, props to you

In all honesty I wasn’t sure where to post it, this project is a mix of mapping, modeling and a gamemode all together.

Also, I’m not really the idea guy, I’m trying my best not to be the one who sits there and asks others to do his work for him, so I’m attempting all this on my own.
But I could still use help if people can spare it.

Also, new pictures incoming.


Would be epic if we got something similar to CAP (shittonnes of entities and stuff from a tv-show/movie world), but based on Tron: Evolution :smiley:


I need to try and rig at least ONE playermodel… AT LEAST ONE… MUST TRY HARDER.

So… this reply is a little late but what ever.

I was bored, + I managed to get hold of a working lightdisk swep.