Tron: Evolution model needs rigging (Max 2011 files inside)

So, I extracted the Black Guard from the Tron: Evolution game, it’s already in T-Post and is ready for simple rigging to the HL2 skeleton.

I’d do this myself, and I’ve tried, but I can’t seem to get a correct fit with the HL2 skeleton, and I know it’s just me that is doing this wrong, so I’m requesting help from anyone who has free time and wishes to help rig this model, once one person rigs this model, I should be able to take a look at how it was done and apply it to any other Tron: Evolution models, as they are roughly the same shape and size.

Images of the model:

3DS MAX 2011 project (Including model and textures):

If anyone wants to rig this, please feel free, make sure to post it somewhere here so I can check out how you did it though. :wink:

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Sorry for the bump, I should of mentioned this but it’s ment to be a playermodel in GMOD, not so sure if that matters, but hey, if you can compile it with playermodel anims that would be helpful too!

It’s quite hard to get any models to fit perfectly with the default skeleton, you very often need to reshape the arms etc, just letting you know. (lengthening or shortening the arms, generally. Make sure you do it before applying the skin modifier)

Thanks for the tip voltlight, just thought I’d let you know that this model came rigged to a skeleton already, it was rigged to the Unreal Engine 3 skeleton, and I’m pretty sure source can actually use custom skeletons can’t it?

You know what, I’ll see what I can do. I need the practice anyways.

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Says here I’m missing BlackGaurd_Body_MASK.tga
Would you mind uploading that? I’d like to have all of the textures before getting to work.

Well, I went to work anyways.

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I still have some work to do on the rigging and I want to play around with the vmt’s. But for a very first ragdoll I don’t think it turned out to bad.

Except the physics. I seem to be having trouble with that. I haven’t added the constraints in the QC, so I figured once I do that it’ll be set.

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Oh, I should mention that I didn’t fit it properly on the HL2 skeleton. I adjusted the position of the bones myself, so it probably won’t work with playermodels or npc’s.

SuperCheater5 gonna release them soon, yet only for SFM.

Wow, I didn’t expect to wake up this morning to this, I’ve obviously left this in good hands.

Tis a shame it cannot be a player model though, the original reason I went to work on these Tron models is that so I could use them as player models for a game mode project I’m working on.

Still nice though, cannot wait to see how it looks in the source engine, keep it up!

Also, you don’t need the mask, it’s just a left over from my project file that I forgot to remove, all the textures needed are there.

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Wow, that looks nice, is he using the models I released here or did he get them?

I’ve extracted them and he ported them.

That looks pretty awesome. But I doubt he’ll have bothered creating a physics model if it’s only going to be used in sfm. So my release will be gmod ready.
Also, here’s a pic after some vmt work.

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Also, if you have any more tron models, I would be glad to rig them. I could really use the practice.

That’s pretty kick ass, looks close to the actual game too, just a shame source doesn’t support glow maps.

Also, I have the entire game ready to have all assets exported, my next model for you is going to be Tron himself, which should be interesting, because that may mean you have to rig the face bones for the source engine, although it is already rigged to face bones.

…Did you just say Source doesn’t support glow maps?
It does, how else would it be glowing? >.>

It doesn’t support Unreal Engine 3’s glow maps (Or emissive maps to be precise), source supports self illumination textures, but not textures that actually glow and emit light or have ‘bloom’ around the light.

Okay, I’ll give you that, but it’s an easily simulated effect.


Turn on bloom.

That is sexy. Camel Toe and all.

This is the model undel lighting + bloom effects.

Sexy. Camel Toe and all.

Darker lighting + bloom effects.

Or build a self iluminated effect and load into the model on the spots.

Admittedly that’s a pretty time intensive thing to do.

Is this still being worked on?