Tron: Evolutions models

So the new game is out today…

Has anyone picked it up for the PC? It runs on UE3 so it can’t be impossible to rip from it.

I’m damn sure I’m not the only one whose thought about this.

Some specific models that I’m sure people (and myself) would want would be pretty much all the vehicles, Anon, Flynn, Quorra, a guard, abrax-whateverthefuckhisnameis, and… Basically anything.

TBH, the game itself looks kinda meh, but the models themselves are wantable.

Alright, now there are 3 threads about this same damn thing on page 1.

No one is willing to take this up?

I also want this

Does the game work in the Unreal model viewer?

I want this to lol, I riped some models using the UDK but they turned out shit when you put them in source

Even props?

No the game isn’t supported by umodel as of yet as far as I can see. Likewise the textures will take some time to set up. They probably use vertexcolours, you’ll need to add a bunch of additives details and stuff. You can easily make it look similar with some effort though.

What exactly happened? any screens?

Adding my support. Holy fuck do I want to do tron poses after seeing the movie.

If the textures themselves need fixing up afterwards I’d be able to do something about it. I’m not completely incapable, I just can’t extract from UE, import to source, or write shaders. lol.

If anyone has the raw models or any textures that need fixing up, just send em to me.

I would love to get the Light cycle be cool if someone made a tron gamemode out of them although I understand that would be difficult.

Some work already made.

Those are modelled from scratch.
But I took a look at tron stuff. The models themselves are extremely easy to get to to be honest. The only issue is finding them and fixing up their textures.

I’d do it if I had the game :confused:

But I ain’t pirating any game…that requires windows live…

Was bored so decided to mess around with the materials. Obviously not looking as intedended yet. Not sure if I’m going to actually ever finish the model. I don’t really like the way some of the tron stuff looks.

All I want is Anon. :downs:

Don’t you fucking dare dis Tron’s visual style. It shits on everything and has been since 82.

Also, why start with an infected? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I can’t complain, it is proof it can be done if we needed any. So how exactly were the textures fucked up? Was it a color data thing or a UV thing?

Because I only really liked the infected that why :stuck_out_tongue: Plus who cares about the main characters.

the textures you see in game are all kinda dynamic materials that are coloured in game. Plus they have awful awful diffuse maps with very detail normals and specularity maps.

Or to be more precise I can’t find the diffuse and just found the mask.

… A lot of people, I’d assume? I know I want Quorra, Anon, Zuse, etc. Pretty sure that goes for a lot of people.


End of line.