Tron Garry's Mod

Player models / NPC’s / possibly ragdolls:

Generic programs [between 10 and 20 w/ differences in clothing, facial features (some have tattoos on their faces), etc.] (made from the player models that are already in Garry’s Mod / Half-Life 2)
Main character(s) must have different faces than everyone else.
(Possibly) Sirens (
Guards (

Youtube Channel:
just pm me

That’s quite a request. And not a word of appreciation in advance.

I have feeling you don’t have any idea how much work all those 10 - 20 models require.

I also like how 80% of the people who include “their” steam account in their forum profile always have a non-existant id. (What’s the point of including that if it’s just bs?)

sorry about the id i didnt know it didnt work also all those playermodels will be used in a garrys mod tron machinima (im about to fix the id thing)

Edit: its now fixed

Since what it seems you’re requesting is 15-20 high quality models made from the scratch for your own use. You might want to read this:

It’s loads of work and would take quite a long time from one person; modeling, rigging and texturing (talking about quite a huge amount months here). No one is going to do it for you free.

And since the level of your machinimas (what I saw from your youtube account) is on a very very low level. I’d recommend you to think over this project (which I’m pretty sure is on the idea basis) and consider doing something completely else that you already have existing assets for.

im not running the group its megabit95 ill check up with him and see if its going to be on the machinima youtube channel

Actually, this is for my project. Thanks for spamming! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d consider “hundred zillion high quality model” charity requests spam.