TRON-ified Marvel Characters.

Basicly i want them made, from scratch or from model bases i dont care, and with their weapons as seen in the images.

I find these designs pretty awesome, and if you can find other characters, do post them here.

Also, this includes ghost riders tron-light-hell cycle.


I dont want simple skins, if you can find a good model to modify heavily, and i mean HEAVILY, to look realistic and like the pictures, do so then.

And dont use the shittily ported WoS models, they’re scrunched and mushed.

i support with my All force in my Body…this is the Best Marvel heroes i see

Seems cool, I back this up,

Little little problem…Thor…ghost…Captain america and Miss Marvel don’t have a Decent model…Y.Y

I never said skins…


Skins would be easier. If you want seperate models, good luck getting someone whos willing to remodel those characters.

We already have Spiderman, Iron Man, and Wolverine, and way more including villians like Kingpin. If you want to add on to it, theres also DC Heroes and villians too.

I said remodel OR base model.

Like the ported chinese stealth armor from fallout 3 or something.

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Like, by base model, i mean take a model and modify it.

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Besides the iron man, spiderman, and wolverine released suck.

They’re scrunched, kinda mushed, from how s-low ported them and resized them for the skeleton.

Lol Ghost Rider and Iron man look awesome.

How about some regular Tron characters too?

But yes, I support 1000000%

i support this too

I fully support this. Tron-iffied Black Cat would be cool well of to make that. :fappery:

If we got the original models it’d be easy to do a reskin :frowning:

I’d have to say that Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, and our favoruite Merc-with-a-mouth look bad-ass in the tron getup.

Well, i dont think it would work that well anyhow, for most of them.

The ones that are ported suck anyway, they’re mishapen by s-low and his shitty rigging.

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Gotta agree, i especially like spidermans and riders.