Tron & Matrix?

Errm, I’m tried to edit my old work to do it less shitty

Comparsion old vs. new:

Now that’s badass. Also comparison link is down.

Yeah, I’m upload wrong version. Already fixed.

For the most part the picture is pretty sweet. I think some of the small green particle look as great as they were probably intended. Perhaps a little too dim and I think you can still see some lines where it cuts off as if it were copy and pasted yet never deleted.

The small light on his back is kind of odd.

The bottom left corner and the top right corner seem a little bland in comparison to the top left corner.

But overall, it looks pretty cool.



haha nice pic! and were did you get those sexy ass cop skins?!

THIS IS EPIC. Very well made!

Rusty pack

looks awesome!

Cool scene.

Very cool.