Tron RP.

Well im about to start a server up. I am planning on a tron RP. Im trying to work with hammer. Not going so well. (I suck at it.) But possibly it wont be up for a while. Im going to add light cycle races on one part of the map. Then have a nightclub. (daft punk X3) then just a main city where its like regular rp. Im just going to throw this idea out there because i cant do it. Ill progress from a regular rp to more. If you guys wanna do this go right ahead.
Not my idea anymore. Have fun.

Your verb tense confuses me. You say you’re planning on using Tron RP, but then you say you don’t have the skills to even try. Also, it was never your idea, and you make it sound like you are giving us something and we should be grateful.