Troop deployment

Terrorists wont know what hit them.
sorry for the lack of editing, I’m terrible at that. Oh, and I hate the rigging on those models :bang:

The rigging is kind of bad, yeah, but you know you can change the .phy with another models, right? For me, I use Ellis’ .phy. I use it for everything. Great rigging, there.

Also, those models have the worst visors by default. I had to fix mine so they have their default sheen. Don’t you think the guy on the left looks like shit?

I’m still reskinning them to make them look better. So far t he resolution for the helmets is about twice it’s normal quality and the body textures are modified heavily to at least have some color to them. I’ll more than likely reupload without anyone’s permission since those models suck ASSHOLE by they way they are now.

yea, its sad that a lot of good models are such low quality

.phy file doesn’t change rigging

If the rigging sucks, you can blame it all on me!(and the guy who ported the MW2 Rangers)

Nice posing.

I think I should have kept the default yellow visors…

Good. I admit the current skin is horrible.

Go ahead. Just give me 1% of the credit for the original hack, would you?

I wish I would have fixed the rigging on the gloves.

And what tlsaudrl said.