Trooper Mini-Hack

Hello again Facepunch, I’m back again from my “break” and back to lua coding! Since the A-Hack project has seemed a quite popular success, then I decided to release something new, coded from scratch. In A-Hack, the GUI is terrible, and propably quite a few of its functions are outdated, so if you’re a lover of it, you might even like this one more!

Current version: 1.2b


  • Aimbot ( All, Players, NPCs, specific target, aim location )
  • Triggerbot
  • Wallhack
  • ESP( Name, Health, Weapon, Usergroup, DarkRP entities )
  • No-recoil
  • Ignore steam friends
  • Ignore team members
  • Specific target lock
  • Draw crosshair
  • Auto-check for updates

Footage of the aimbot.
VERY much more neater GUI than previosly, and very simple.
ESPs name color set by team color.
Similar death indicator as in A-Hack.
New menu in 1.1 tab 1
New menu in 1.1 tab 2
New ESP in 1.1
New wallhack in 1.2b
Updated menu in 1.2b

Download 1.0

Download 1.1

Download 1.2b


Home page:

To install it using the TortoiseSVN, right click on the addons folder and press “SVN Checkout…”, paste the url above in the upper textbox “URL of repository” and press OK. And check every now and then if a update is available, although I will inform about it on this thread also.

Feedback is appreciated!

Ah I saw you talking about releasing it on the HvH server :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, and here it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, nice. Remeber me? Sdb is failure.

Your UI’s should be more detailed, so far each one is way too simple.

Yes, and yes.

Well, this ones purpose is to be simple, as the name propably tells also. I could make an “advanced” version too.

You should do so, no one likes to stare at an empty weak ui all day when they are hackin’ it up. Obviously don’t go all out on it, but something nicer then just checkboxes

I prefer to think that a little simplified UX is nice.

I personally prefer a simple UI where controls are easy and fast to access also.

FapHack > Trooper hack

Still pretty nice.

Thanks, doing my best. D:

Oh nice

FapHack > Trooper hack > Baconbot > Gbps fail hack > Seth hack > Capsadmin nothing because she is worth it :wink:

sethhack > everything *

Actual useful and fun addon, gamemode, swep or sent > Any cheat

Everyone has their opinion about what’s fun and useful.

A gmod hack is neither:colbert: And this has been done several times already, why don’t make something unique instead?:smile:

Well, I’m making lots of other projects too, but this is basically just continuing my previous A-Hack.

Flap will post something negative on this thread probably

Why would I?

Fast response :open_mouth: