Troops taking out a huge monster in the desert.

Merry Cristmas FP!

No artics :smug:

Don’t know any music atm.

I’m a bit meh-ish about it, the only really succesfull thing was the bullet tracer like effect. BEcause I wanted to try that.

I just noticed that the spider is all like
"“What the fuck is dat shit?” looking at the plasma corruptor charging.

C&C please.

Looks awesome.

The muzzleflashes and tracers are too blurry, the dust is too dark and blurry and the blood looks too green to me but, other than that, this is pretty awesome. I like the shadows on the ground and the cool trail effects.

The angle and the posing are cool mate :smiley: But the poor spidy just wants his hug :frowning:

It looks really good!
The giant spider is getting kind of old though…

Lol, in just a few days of being released it’s all I’ve seen, and consequently, has kinda been killed off for me.

cool tracer effects, gj for not using snow

Yes, I noticed about the muzzleflashes. They used to be too sharp and then got too blurry somewhere by adding contrast & brightness.

Thanks for the comments, and merry christmas FP.

Woah that’s pretty awesome.