'Tropical' & 'Down to Business' Max Paynes (GM/SFM)

I was hesitant to give this Max his own thread, but there’s too much shit in the Payne pack thread. Those were last updated May 11, 2013.

[h2]‘Tropical Max’ & ‘Down to Business Max’ - UPDATED MAY 11, 2013[/h2]


Here’s bald Max with an incredibly loud shirt as well as him without an incredibly loud shirt.

[h2]You get these:[/h2]
Max Payne 3 ragdoll (‘Tropical’ outfit) [sub][sub]-S -B[/sub][/sub]
Max Payne 3 ragdoll (‘Down to Business’ outfit) [sub][sub]-S -B -C[/sub][/sub]
Aviators prop

[sub][sub][sub]-B = bodygroups available
-S = extra skins available
-C = color tool compatible[/sub][/sub][/sub]


-Added 11 new face flexes for both ragdolls (courtesy of Ninja_Nub - thank you!)
-Added a new skin for both ragdolls specifically for Max closing his left eye for aiming
-New detail texture for ‘Tropical’ Max
-Fixed minor rigging error with holsters


-Added new bodygroup for ‘Tropical Max’: My recreation of his unused/beta Hawaiian shirt
-Added two bodygroups for ‘Down to Business’ Max: right and left bumpmap tilts A.K.A. the clothing fold wrinkle effect seen in Max Payne 3
-Tried to fix some minor rigging errors


-Added ‘Down to Business’ Max ragdoll
-Updated ‘Tropical’ Max with a relaxed hand pose and a new dirty bodygroup

Are YOU going to make a cool picture, comic, film, GIF, or sex pose with these models? Please show me whatever you make on my profile page visitor messages! I like seeing those things. Unless it’s shitty. [sub][sub]haha just kidding show me your shitty things too[/sub][/sub]

**[Grab him from the Steam Workshop right now!](http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=113192676)**

Or grab it from Wuala! (only if you know what you’re doing. You need this version if you are using Max with SFM)

Are you looking for some fantastic* Max Payne 3 weapons? Try ***[these!](http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1224288&p=38364341)***

[sub][sub]*are absolutely 100 percent definitely not fantastic[/sub][/sub]

**[Source files for Tropical Max!](http://www.wuala.com/DrDean/Models/Tropical%20Payne%20source.7z/)**
**[Source files for Down to Business Max!](http://www.wuala.com/DrDean/Models/Down%20to%20Business%20Payne%20source.7z/)**
**NOTE: The scale from Max Payne 3 (ripped using NinjaRipper) to Source is 40% smaller!**
Here are the source files I used to make Tropical Max and Down to Business Max respectively. These includes .vtas, .smds, .qcs, and 3DS Max 2010 scene files. 


More pictures by *YOU!* 


Left to right: kanesenpai~, Hunterdnrc, Faraon_ZzZ




Left to right: Rinfect, Reflectent, RyanH




Left to right: AaronM202, OuTlAw767, KingGrim





**Special thanks:**
Rockstar Games
Remedy Entertainment
A big fat ass
**A big fat ass**


A big fat ass



** [Grab the 'Suit Payne Pack' here!](http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1268213&highlight=)**
**[or grab Max Payne Pack #1 here!](http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1224276)**


Awesome release as usual, Dean! Love the MP3 models

This makes my phallus considerably more erect than it was ten minutes ago.

That’s gay

thx dean u rok even tho i already got it but thanx bby ttyl

great work dean

also fuck i forgot posting this


can you forgive me? :((

Kickass. But what is it with you and tongues, man? Seriously it’s kinda creepy

Yay, I’m special. More Max is nice, thanks d.

Another quality release, Thanks Dean baby.

Wow! Awesome! I was waiting for it since I bought Max Payne 3 this summer! Thanks for this cool model! I hope it’s fine that I attach my pic?

Updated today. New wifebeater Max ragdoll and a new bodygroup for Hawaii Max. Workshop should update automatically, people who prefer something other than workshop can download the Wuala link.


I need new community pictures in the OP of wifebeater Max, so please send me those!

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the colorable sweat makes it perfect for something im gonna do

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Thanks to ryanh for editing it



Small update. Added a new bodygroup to Tropical Max based off his unused/beta Hawaiian shirt, some minor rigging fixes, and some bodygroups to Down to Business Max for his right and left wrinkle bumpmaps used in Max Payne 3 when you move around. Only added those to Down to Business Max as it’s very negligible on his other outfits.

People who downloaded this via the Workshop should have it update automatically. Otherwise if you don’t like the Workshop or want to use it for SFM, re-download it from here or in the first post. Finally added the source files for Down to Business Max in the first post as well, if you are interested in those.


You would not have this version ?

this should help

actually ive been wanting to see that max in gmod for some time :v: