Tropical foliage models?

Normally I wouldn’t make an entire thread asking for models, but I’m baffled by the apparent complete lack of any tropical foliage models for Source. I know CS:GO and L4D2 have a few, but there aren’t a lot, certainly not enough to populate an entire island with; that and they’re standard Source quality, i.e. decent. Have there been any foliage ports from games like, say, the Crysis series, or any other high-quality models for this type of foliage?

Gonna bump I guess -trees -more tropical stuff

I have both of those packs, and neither have tropical foliage, which is what I’m looking for specifically.

Rising Storm has a ton, which I can probably snag for you.

I’d really appreciate that, it looks like it’s pretty good quality stuff.

Wait, what type do you need? Like Hawaii Beach style or Amazon Jungle style?

Sorry for not replying sooner, been rewiring my house so I’ve had a hectic day :v:
Does the game have both types? Honestly I could use both, but if you can only get one or the other it’s not a big deal.

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I did forget to mention, depending on what format you can get them out in I may be able to convert them to Source myself.

Naw, it’s ok, I got it.

I got a few done but there’s waaay more than I expected though.

Also, do you need to collisionmodels? Or is that done automatically? I don’t know anything about mapping.

I can do my own collision models, don’t worry about that. I’m gonna go ahead and send you a PM real quick with a couple photos to explain this a bit better.