Tropico-esque RP gamemode suggestion (HEAVILY WIP)

I had an idea for an RP gamemode where the mapmaker doesnt place the buildings-The players do! The city starts out as a bare-bones developing nation, with its growth defined not only by how much money is in the mayor’s piggy bank-He’ll also need to:
*Create jobs (Some, like teamsters and construction workers, are AI)
*Manage resources (How will you build a house without wood or nails? The manufacture of such items could satisfy the above.)
*Be prepared for unforseen happenings (Like natural disasters)
*And make sure his people are happy (If the citizens feel oppressed or neglected, they can always rebel and try to throw the mayor out of power!)
If you’ve ever played tropico, think of that, only with most of the citizens being players as well.

What do i think?


I like the idea, maybe lean towards RPG and not RP though… /me is running from natu- oh I died…

build city?
source engine?

Not going to happen.

Not true.