Trouble accessing

Whenever I go to I am greeted by the Website offline message, my brother can get to the website… what is happening ?

It’s down more than it’s up recently, been that way for a few weeks now :frowning:

That or it’s only down when I want it :wink:

Hmm, my friend and my brother can get on though ?

Same here… Seems it keeps interrupting the connection for us, thats what google chrome says to me.

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Nevermind… Connection Back Up. But it’s unstable for some reason.

Ah. The problem for me was that I was seeing the cloudflare/cloudfire page… But I got the impression other people could see the page.

Some can, some cannot.

I can view it from:
US1 can
Not US2 box
Not US3 box
UK1 can
Home ISP cannot.

Strange how US1/US2/US3 all use the same internet provider. But yea, those be the facts.

Meh. It goes down and up randomly.