Trouble adding animations to a model.

I’m having trouble adding animations to a rag doll I’m trying to make into a playermodel. When I try to compile the model I get an error that it can’t find an animation file. This animation file is inside the player_anims.qci file I copied for my animations. I put this in the directory with my other assets for assembling my model. However, the compiler tells me that it can’t find the $sequence reference “…\humans_sdk\male\ragdoll_pose”, I understand it seems daft that I haven’t changed the paths but I felt it was better to keep it the same so that it would find these files. I don’t think these files are in the SDK content file so I can’t move the files it’s looking for. Not to mention that I don’t know what the ellipses (…) in the path signify.

This might be a really easy thing to fix, heck, it might be a case of copying the files.

EDIT - Nevermind that, it was as easy as I thought it might be, but I copied the animation files I needed and I entered the path and it just doesn’t seem to want to work, the crowbar compiler tells me that it was unable to load the file ‘Animation files\ragdoll_pose’. This is the path I put into the player_anims.qci, the short path is because I created the ‘Animation files’ folder inside the folder where that QC is, and I put the ragdoll_pose files in there.