Trouble aiming with guns...

I’ve built a very nice base and acquired quite a few guns. My only problem is aiming with them. No matter what the gun if someone is moving I’ll barely hit them. Any tips to aiming better, I use the iron sight obviously but I’m afraid to leave my house with any guns because I can’t win gun fights and usually die from pickaxes too because i run out of ammo from missing… Plz help

Just like in real life, you have to lead your shots.

The game has a very low ticrate/sendrate - the hitboxes are not directly with the model unless someone is standing still

There’s a delay, basically when someone moves it takes time in ms (milliseconds) before the hitbox goes to the model that you’re viewing, add in your ping, and the other players ping the delay increases - along with visual delay from both of your monitors

Basically even if you were a professional gamer who had hit accuracy of 95% you still wouldn’t be able to hit everyone in rust because the game simply isn’t designed for that kind of gunplay (not to mention the models aren’t exactly smooth in terms of movement – but that goes along with ticrate - your framerate - their framerate)

Me personally I’m a very good shot in rust but if someone is moving around to much they’re extremely troublesome to hit no matter who is playing

If I had any advice it’s pretty simple

If you’re close range with an m4 (very close) you just simply fire and slightly pull back your mouse and it will keep all the shots centered (a lot of this is luck and some shots may register as headshots)

If they’re further away you just simply tap fire and re-aim, getting nervous leads to worse aim – however this is a terrible game to practice aim

Then there’s several other factors such as your actual fps experience
Mouse sensitivty
mouse sensor
monitor refresh rate

and so fourth

If you really want to improve your aim, I’d install quake live and just play free for all until you feel you can play medium-high skill matches, it could take you 500 hours but the muscle memory gained will last you throughout your fps history, and along the way you may learn a lot about hardware and mice and etc and end up upgrading your gear and improving your game overall. I know this isn’t directly related to rust but I like to see people improve, a lot of people can only play one game well and other games horribly – however train your traits and you can play all your games well. (And quake tests everything, from strategy to reaction, to even timing things down mentally)

Take a tip from someone who comes face to face with the best in a few titles :wink:

You don’t have to lead your targets, and ping doesn’t matter very much since shooting is client-sided. It’s really just a matter of your skill. The only trick I know of is to make sure you didn’t set your in-game mouse sensitivity too high as that will increase the sway of your gun when aiming.

Yeah, it seems that sensitivity affects the sway which is ridiculous.