Trouble At 2Fort

I decided to try my hand at comic making today, and under the guidance of several tutorials, I created this:

Comments are welcome.

Hahahaha that made my day.

I saw that coming… But the spy’s face was still priceless!

Thanks guys.

That was awesome, work a bit on your pyro posing though.

At least you tried. Most went for shit spelling, and shit posing. You actually worked on this.

Good things:
Well, like what I said, you worked hard.
The idea, it was funny(don’t backstab the fucking gas tank).
Spelling and grammar is good.

Needs improvement:
I guess the explosion effect, try something different.

I suppose has a larger variety of explosions for me to use, thanks for the positive feedback.

I found an exact replica of this from like '07. Yours is still pretty good though, OP.