Trouble decompiling Tank model

So I wanted to decompile the Tank Model into an .smd so I could do something with it for gmod/tf2

but the hacked MDLDecompiler says ‘unable to load model’

Help please?

Open it with a hex editor and change the first part to “IDST,”.

If you don’t have a hex editor, get XVI32:

And make sure you’ve got version 0.4.1 of MDLDecompiler aswell or it probbely will just crash trying to decompile it (after you’ve altered the IDST thing).

so I changed them to IDST, the only one that didn’t have it was the .sw, so the hacked mdldecompiler is 0.5, but the rightclick > about says that it is 0.4.1. I guess I’ll get a second version.