Trouble getting a joystick to work with numbad commands in Gmod


I have already posted this in the (turd?) section and someone referred me here.

So here’s my question, almost verbatim:

If this has already been discussed on this forum, please forgive me; for some strange reason I can’t access the search function.

So, I’m building a weightless spacecraft with thrusters, using the numpad commands in the thruster menu. I’m trying to use my joystick (A saitek aviator w/ the latest software and profile editor) for use in controlling the ship. Don’t get me wrong; I know it’s very unlikely to control thrusters incrementally, but I still want to assign those numpad keys to both the x and y axis on the stick, the throttle on the stick, the yaw on the stick, and even buttons on the stick…(NONE of which will work.) And, of course, I tried enabling the joystick option in gmod, but still nothing.

Any ideas?

Thanks alot

EDIT: I’m sorry, after a re-read I noticed that this wasn’t exactly what you were looking for, but still.

The only way to get true joystick support (ie fully smoothed out movements etc) is to use the joystick module with wiremod.
Once extracted, there is both a lua folder and an addons folder. Ignore the lua folder, and copy the contents of the addons folder into your addons folder.

This is all assuming you have a mediocre grasp of wiremod. If not, you could try swinging by

Hey thanks! So, do I extract the joystick addons folder all together in one fell swoop, or separate them, then put them in main addons?

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I see now that this addon is not something that just “automatically does it.” And no, unfortunately, I am not yet familiar with Wire, but I’m sure as heck excited about it and wanting to learn. :dance:
But still, if someone could answer my more specific question above regarding extraction, that would probably save me some hell.


I already told you: