Trouble getting ahold of editable models

I would like to preface that I am extremely new to modeling for the source engine, and the entire process is rather confusing for a newcomer. I am hitting the learning curve hard. One of my first simple missions I gave myself was to retexture and edit the model for the Combine Soldier. As every tutorial I could find suggests, I took the combine soldier files from the source models .gcf file (using GCFScape) and followed as instructed to decompile the .mdl to get ahold of all the little editable goodies inside, though I ran into a problem when trying to do so. I am using cannonfodder’s MDL decompiler packaged in the studiocompiler program (newest version) and whenever I try to extract the .mdl files the program crashes. When I try to set the gamedir, the program just shuts down. Almost every simple action completely shuts down the program. Could this just be a buggy program? I reinstalled the program and the issue stays. Should I be using an older version? Is there another way to decompile .mdl files? can I find pre-decompiled .mdl’s somewhere online? I can’t find any tutorial/help source that could help me out. I really need some modding/modeling gurus to help me out and mentor me until I am able to help myself! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m also having a hard time figuring out how to configure studiocompiler,. I use cannonfodder’s stand alone mdldecompiler (not in studiocompiler) to decompile, then GUIStudioMDL to compile.

Awesome! I think that was my problem with Cannonfodder’s tools, but now I ran into yet another issue. I try to open up the .mdl file in Notepad++ to “change the period to a comma” to enable me to decompile, but the file is empty when opened in Notepad++! should I be using a different hes editor?

wierd, after you use the decompiler,. there should be .smd files that can be imported to 3d editors,. you don’t really need to open .mdl in notepad,. (in my opinion)

Okay- I was able to get certain .mdl files to decompile, though others still are “unable to load” why is there this discrepancy?

Well MDLDecompilers are quite tricky; Make sure that you dont write the pathway yourself, as it caused me tons of problems, like empty *.qc files, crashing the software and being unable to load model. Select the folder to extract and the model yourself, from the browsing button.