Trouble getting Hammer tool to work with Gmod

Hey I have a problem with hammer tool, simply when launching hammer tool from BIN folder of Gmod folder, it asks me to choose either TF2, DOD or CSS. However I want to work with Gmod, none of those 3. Any idea how do I configure it to work with Gmod ?

Don’t bother, it’s broken. Instead use the EP2 branch, or CS:S branch(the one I currently am using). If you have custom content in your gmod folder you’d like to use(or just want to use those awesome grass textures), either add the garrysmod.fgd to the branch you’re using, or edit the gameinfo.txt of the game you’re using and include the individual games you’d like. Keep in mind, Games that run on the CS:GO branch of source use different versions of some file formats and are therefore incompatible with gmod.

Use the Development Branch:

Yes Im using dev branch mode, whether with or without it, it still shows me only CSS, DOD and TF2 configurations, no Gmod. And no, I dont have any half life game or CSS, so Husky’s solution is pretty much out.

Any other solution ?

On Steam go to Library => Tools => Source SKD Base 2013 Multiplayer

That should function the same as having CSS or HL2.

I also highly recommend the Source Multi Tool

Yeah, the hammer.exe in the bin folder works the same as the original source hammer.

I know there’s a guide here:

On how to run Hammer directly mounting Garrysmod.

Im gonna try source multi tool and then I will give the results. doesnt work for me, I didnt find “gameconfig” file in bin.

EDIT: Using SMT Hammer tool works great, thanks everyone who posted here.