Trouble in little Tokyo

Pretty much all the credit goes to SonofBrim, he did all the editing.

also some shitty filter rape I did

4k Cinema - 1080p - No DOF (1440p) -


The filter rape version actually looks decent imo. Just make the 2nd soldier’s face from the left a bit more visible.

yeah! fuck the japs bombed by radioactive

what are you doing



Need more filter rape

You want filter rape? I’ll be back in an hour or so :v:

In all seriousness, this was an awesome picture to edit. Great posing/atmosphere.

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Brace yourselves

Now in J.J. Abrams style
1440p - Full-Size

“Sharp” style (no DOF, heavily contrasting colors)
1440p - Full-Size

and in “Comic” style.
1440p - Full-Size

All in glorious, pointless 21:9 ultra widescreen. This wasn’t filter rape, it was consensual.

Posing is extremely realistic, as is the lighting. Very well done, man. It’s funny, the filter rape versions look like filtered photographs, not screenshots.