trouble in terrorist town creating server problem

when i create a server runing ttt when round beging it end at the same time, and it is impossible to play, i already reinstall it and other versions too, i reinstall gmod too

This looks like a error to do with the server. Since its TTT just delete the server files and then install them back.

Maybe he plays alone? Which doesn’t do anything. We realy need more information nick.

Sounds stupid, but do you mean it crashes, or it just restarts the pre-round timer? Because if the latter is the case, you either need to set it so the game starts when there is one player, or you need to invite a friend so the round can actually start. Most servers I’ve played on, when empty, won’t let a game start until there is at LEAST two players.

Rofl, If your trying to test things by yourself use this command “ttt_debug_preventwint 1”
else the round just instantly finishes as you (a traitor) are the only one alive.