Trouble in Terrorist Town - Custom Weapon Sound and Icon

I’m currently trying to make a custom weapon for the mod Trouble in Terrorist Town. I’ve got it almost done but the problem is that when I shoot with the MP5, no sound comes out.

I tried searching for similar problems on these forums but I didn’t seem to find a solution (unless I’m blind). So I’m asking, if anybody sees a problem with my coding, just to post the solution and it would be muchly appreciated if you help me. <3

The file I am pasting is shared.lua from the folder gamemodes/terrortown/entities/weapons/[weapon_ttt_mp5], the folder in I made for the custom weapon.
The sound mp5shots.wav is in gamemodes/terrortown/content/sound/ttt.

EDIT: I fixed the icon problem, just the sound doesn’t work.

Alright, so far I’ve got the sound working now after a few hours of experimenting (yes, I am a noob), but the sound only plays if I jump, run and shoot at the same time, or if I’m standing still. It seems that the sound of footsteps is blocking out the sound.

Any solutions?

Ohai Attaint, long time no see. xD

This happens with the scar too, it happens if you have a custom sound or loud sound. You don’t need to use a custom sound for the MP5, use this.

[lua]= Sound( “Weapon_MP5Navy.Single” )[/lua]