Trouble in Terrorist Town - Death Information - Detailed Logs - !slaynextround Command

I am currently working on my TTT server and need too seemignly small peices of code.

1: I require something so that when someone is killed in the server it either says : You have been killed by <NAME>, an Innocent!(Green Text), You have been killed by <NAME>, an Traitor!(Red Text) and You have been killed by <NAME>, an Detective!(Blue Text)

2: At the end of a round you see a splash screen that tells you if either T’s or I’s one the round and then there are some tabs, one of them says something like “Logs” I am hoping to get another tab that has “Detailed Logs”. This tab shows alot more info such as when someones been shot and for how much damage, who bought T at the start of the passed round and a button that says “Show RDM” and it highlights all RDM in red on the list. As well as other useful info that anyone can see at the end of the round and at no other time. BUT, if you are a Moderator or anything above (ULX) you can put in the command !showlogs and it shows the detailed logs from the 5 passed round (Displayed by tabs just like the end of round splash screen) as well as the current round unfolding. I may not have written this to well so message me for clearance.

3: And lastly I hope to get a command which is !slaynextround <name> which simply slays that person next round, this command being only for Moderators and upwards (ULX) If the same person types in the command again with the same name it will stop the slay. I would also like the command to be persistant so that if they leave they get banned for one day for the reason “Quit before slay” and if the command is used on the last round of a map and the map changes, they are still slayed the next round.

I have not proof read this because I am about to go offline but if you hav any questions message me either on Facepunch or on steam: Glata Also I am willing to pay.


Also, I am a new coder to say the least so what I am asking for may make me sound like an idiot but I do learn from what I am given.

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section - this is the third time, you should look closely before posting!" - Gran PC))

I am making my server better but I need someone else to do the work so I can take credit.

I don’t know how you can say that you are working on your server when the first request is simple as chips. It sounds to me more like you are downloading addons to make your server “unique”. I lost interest after the first request. Also, you seemed to have missed the request section.

Here is request number 1 though, d1s iz w0rth m1ll10ns !!


// -_-

if ( SERVER ) then

hook.Add( "PlayerDeath", "CHIIPPPSS" , function( Pl, Ent, Killer )

	umsg.Start( "PlayerDeathCustom", Pl )
		umsg.Entity( Killer )
		umsg.Bool( Killer:IsTraitor() )
		umsg.Bool( Killer:IsDetective() )



usermessage.Hook( "PlayerDeathCustom" , function( um )

	local Killer = um:ReadEntity()
	local IsT = um:ReadBool()
	local IsD = um:ReadBool()
		chat.AddText( Color( 255,255,255 ) , "You've been killed by ", Color( 175,175,175 ), Killer:Nick(),
			Color( 255,255,255 ), ( ( IsT or IsD ) and ", a " or ", an " ), ( (IsT and Color( 255,99,99)) or IsD (and Color( 52,128, 209)) or Color(161,232,116) ),
			( (IsT and "Traitor!") or (IsD and "Detective!") or "Innocent!" ) )



Number 2, all of this stuff has been taken from one of another TTT Server which one…

Thanks, thats a great help.

I placed it at the end of cl_init which I thought was the right area, my knowledge of Lua is terrible so can someone direct me to the right file?