Trouble in Terrorist Town downloading!

Hey, I recently got a new computer and wanted to play TTT. I loaded Gmod, picked a server then got disconnected for not having the map. I downloaded the map manually and got into the server where the player and weapon models had no animations.

I’ve set the options to download all files from servers but it doesn’t work. It skips through the downloading of files (or it downloads them VERY fast) on every server I’ve tried (About 5) and will not work. This never had happened on my old computer.

“Lua cache couldn’t be downloaded, server is misconfigured” This is the error I get whenever I connect to a server as well as a ton of yellow text to the right of the screen.

EDIT This happens on every server I try and connect to

Any ideas?

Sounds like your firewall is blocking it from DLing. Try disabling it. If you don’t have a firewall mind posting the console errors (Yellow Text)?

Hope It helps,
Managing Director, Now-Servers

Thanks for replying. The firewall was already accepting the game and after some modifications the server still didn’t download. It also says this in the console? I guess like the yellow text, it’s just saying that you’re missing these files