trouble in terrorist town Flying corpses

There is a problem on the TTT server, after death, corpses may begin to fly and twitch as patients, which could lead to paint, I have protection, but in 10% of cases, it does not help. Is it possible fix it, it appeared for a long time, after updating the game.
Here are screenshots of how the bodies fly.

sv_crazyphysics_remove 1
sv_crazyphysics_defuse 1

I have them written, but unfortunately, did not help.

Try this script:

local IsTTT = false – Internal variable for detecting TTT
“true” When enabled, writes error and disrupts the regime, or it is not necessary to include?

Keep it like this? :alien:

Internal variable means don’t change it.

Your script is not working, the bodies fly, even stronger and the result is likely to crash

Try the new version: