[Trouble in Terrorist Town] Hitman modification

Gamemode: https://github.com/Mezzokoko/hitman
Modified Vanillaweapons: https://github.com/Mezzokoko/hitman-weaponbalance
Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=538002758

How to play:

A mysterious employer has hired professional killers to eliminate corporate enemies. Will the civilians survive and reveal the hitmen who are after them? Or will those receive their paycheck at the end of the day?
You are a hitman. It is your job to kill a specific target at a time. It is of priority that you do not harm anyone else, however as you successfully eliminate your targets you are given more room to kill witnesses too. For every target you kill you are granted a free kill. Should you kill more bystanders than targets your role will be revealed to everyone, and you will be shot on sight, putting you at a heavy disadvantage.

As a professional killer you have additional equipment, like a silenced precision rifle, which allows you to engage targets from a distance, or a remotely triggered mine highly suitable for clever ambushes and traps. A lethal poison will cause a victims death while still allowing you to either escape the scene or blend in with the group.

Recommended tweaks, other addons and cvar-settings:
-Decrease DNA-basetime or switch it off completely: “ttt_killer_dna_basetime [seconds]”
-Creating a rulescreen in motd [del]until I managed to get the vanilla one to work properly[/del]

Sounds Interesting!!!, I wouldn’t mind hosting it for a tiny bit soon if needed

Could you explain in more words about the game mode, Plus could you post some screenshots or a video a video would be best

Yeah I agree, sounds awesome but some pictures would be cool.

It is in its core still TTT so there is nothing to show off in screenshots (Will post one though, to show the HUD), same about video, apart from the fact that I am unable to create one atm. I will though fill the OP with more info soon :slight_smile: (Just finished this halfanhour ago)

KK thxs for the info, All see into making an video with a few friends so people can see what this is like

That would be great, if it will be of good quality I might put it in the OP :slight_smile:

Sounds like The Ship. Could be fun!

Adding this to my server now. I bring back some feedback


Suggestions so far:

Put the hit list text and the targets/civ kills in a box like the heathbar.
More to come.

Someone should convert this to be more like The Ship!!

Done. It still is not very pretty but better than before :). If anyone feels like designing a nice little HUD for this mod, feel free to do so.

I don’t like the concept of the ship because it is less about investigating and more about reacting quickly enough to defend yourself. Imho TTT does a better job regarding investigating and player interaction because hunting and defending is clearly seperated and better focused.

The ship was one of the most fun I’ve ever had, it wasn’t just about doing enough to defend yourself, you had to be careful about your surroundings what with other people seeing you, guards and CCTV cameras, the jail system, it was all so fun, if someone could port that to gmod it would be amazing.

It is not really my aim though to recreate the Ship here. I am planning on adding a few extra entities for this (e.g. a remote mine or a taser) but it will probably not involve NPCs or Surveillancecameras.

It was a lot of fun, but felt somewhat clunky in places, so I think something similar for Gmod would be rather good.

Does this occur to Innocents? Or just Traitors, it really confuses me because as a traitor you’re ment to kill everyone for the game to be completed.

Traitors are being redefined as Hitmen now. You get a new target after each kill, so at some point all Innocents are dead.

Oh, I see, So it’s basically… one hitman kills the other innocents? Or is it the same ratio, just redefined as Hitmen?

Same ratio, but everyone has one target at a time, exactly.

I see, good job, Reminds me of the DarkRP Hitman schema though o.o

I don’t know a lot about DarkRP, never have been a hitman there. There are a few servers already which set this up. If you don’t happen to have a lot of RDMers it is quite enjoyable and also harder of course. But by being harder the single kill is much more enjoyable :slight_smile:

Updated the OP with recent changes on the gamemode.