Trouble in Terrorist Town! [hurddurf interactive]

A round starts, you are the detective of this round and you spawn with a few other terrorists.

**OBJECTIVE: Find out who is a traitor.

**How will you find out who is who?

Offer to lead the gang

YOU’RE THE TRAITOR! Lead one of your friends into a trap, and kill him with your crowbar.

Take off your hat and throw it at the waving guy, he looks suspicious.

Kill all of them.

Fall from high height and scream that you were random killed.



RDM everyone and then leave b4 the admin bans you

What Penis Colada said.

Updating thread

Beat the douche wearing a hat.

**You find out their names first

Waving one is hiimnew111
The one holding his hip is Superleet
The one on the far left is Dinodick
A you, the detective are _____

You offer to lead them and everyone but Superleet accepts.

Dinodick points out a deagle.



You are the douche wearing the hat

rush the deagle while yelling “MINEmineMINEmineMINE!”

anyone who takes it other then you is most certainly the traitor.

if someone who takes it doesnt give it to you, then kill them.

Steal their weapons. Then find out who is the real traitor without being a victim.

Take the gun, check the ammo. If it’s missing ammo, DNA scan it, find the person who touched it last. If you find the person, ask him why it’s missing ammo.

Just repeat the name of one of the players (non-detective) over and over in capslock. That’s how I play.

I do that too!
Imagine what would happen if we played together.

[BLU] Slithers: SIN
[BLU] Slithers: SIN
[BLU] Slithers: SIN
[BLU] Slithers: SIN
[BLU] Slithers: SIN
[BLU] Slithers: SIN
Some dude: SHUT THE FUCK UP!
we shoot him and he’s a traitor

But everytime I claim another person to be a traitor it actually is me who is the traitor!

Leave it were it is and tell no one to go near it. Then kill whoever does.

It’s obviously the guy with the hat.