Trouble in Terrorist Town - Map changing problem

Hey guys,

I recently obtained a Garrysmod TTT server and I am having trouble getting the map change vote thing working. Every time we vote map change, it goes to that menu and we pick a map but once the map selection flashes it just sits there and the map does not change. We have problems changing it manually as well.

What we did first was we made the TTT gamemode standalone(without fretta) by adding the “ttt_fretta_mapvoting 1” line into our server.cfg which makes the gamemode skip the fretta game voting.

Do you guys have any ideas why it is doing this? Do we also need to add the “fretta_voting 0” line with our “ttt_fretta_mapvoting 1” inside the cfg aswell?

Forget that all, It was something default that messed up. If and admin sees this, you can delete it.