Trouble in Terrorist Town? More like Trouble with sounds!

So, this has been going on for quite a while, but only now has it gotten to the point where it’s gone too far…
I can no longer here sounds from weapons (predominantly on TTT)… which is quite a problem as you can probably imagine!
I can no longer hear myself fire any weapon client side and the only sound I can hear when I shoot is the bullets ricocheting from walls, floors etc (which isn’t often because of course I have perfect aim >_>). But what I find very odd (which I’m hoping one of you can explain) is the fact that there is one gun that is unaffected and that is the rifle (scout), although the reload makes no noise so it has some sounds missing.
Any suggestions or fixes to help this problem?

I have no missing sounds on CS:S (I thought I should emphasise this), all sounds work fine.

What I’ve tried already;
-Verified both G-mod and CS:S.
-Re-installed G-mod.
-Verified again.
-Copied the sound folders from CS:S and put them in G-mod sound.
-Verified once again.
I think that’s it, but if someone could come up with a fix that doesn’t require me to re-install my games (again), that would be lovely…

Thank you. :3

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Do you get any errors in console that refer to missing sound?

No, none whatsoever.

Make sure you don’t have anything in garrysmod/scripts/ this can cause issues.