Trouble in Terrorist Town Problem

When I play Trouble in Terrorist Town, I’m always spectator. I wait a round, and after the “round over” timer, and when it turns to “preparing”, I stay where I was while spectating. Same when the game starts. I’ve tried re-installing CS:S and GMOD and nothing’s worked. Is there anything I can do?

In Options under the F1 menu in TTT, there should be a couple of things you can change, two of them are to either never be selected as a detective, and another is to always be a spectator.

Make sure that you haven’t accidentally ticked he latter.

This option would stay through reinstalls due to it being a none-fundamental game config, same as how you don’t need to reset your controls and such after reinstalling.

When I hit F1, nothing comes up. Help?

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Sorry, I was on anti-F-mode. Thank you! :slight_smile: Please close.