Trouble in Terrorist town

Can someone tell me how to get that working because i put it in the search and shared.lua and it says the table is nil or something like that, the rest of it works i just do not know how to make that part work.

WeaponToIcon = {

local e2w = {

As far as I can see, you havent close either of the tables:

WeaponToIcon = { -- open
} -- closed

local e2w = { -- open
} -- closed

No what i mean is that when i put those 2 codes into the shared.lua and cl_search.lua it gives me the error and i just wanted to know how i can fix that error. If you look at the ttt gamemode folder it has like

WeaponToIcon = {
[AMMO_JIHAD]=“jihad”,<------- Error and i don’t see problem.


How do i make this bit work which ruins my server?

[AMMO_JIHAD]=“jihad”, <------- this

Nevermind i managed to figure it out so it’s working now.