Trouble in Terrorist town

Teh Caek’s Trouble in Terrorist town!

Functions: We have custom weapons, and were working on custom things you can buy in the credit shop. Were still working on the server, doing some upgrades, but its ready to go! :slight_smile:*

Admins: Right now, its Me the owner, and The1337Pie my Co-Owner.

Here is our video.

Our server is really fun and we hope to see you there! :slight_smile:

[For those of you who doesent know what TTT is, its a gamemode, where there is some terrorists, their either traitors, detectives or innocents, for the innocents and the detectives they need to find the traitor and kill him before they get killed. For the traitors its about to kill all the innocents and the detectives without getting noticed :slight_smile:

Server IP is
We got lots of custom stuff, including weapons which is AK-47, MP5, TMP and Glock. The server is not very active at the moment but it should become later on. We are currently only running ttt_amsterville_b5 since its the only map we have placed weapon entities on.

If you want anything improved, ask me. :slight_smile:

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Send me a pm if you need help!

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