Trouble in Traitor Town

Original Gamemode:

All credit goes to Bad King Urgrain for the gamemode.

I’m wondering if someone could modify the gamemode adding:

Tripwire: buyable by traitors, it’ll be a small object that is placed on walls with little to no “line” where walked through causes it to explode, killing those nearby.

Remote controlled explosive: Buyable by traitors, it’s an explosive with a smaller radius of the C4 which can be detonated by remote control. You get 2 or 3 when you buy one.

Modified disguiser: Buyable for traitors, A disguise that gives you someone elses name, at the end of the round it would be appreciated if everything that person said could be downloaded and viewed in case they broke any rules with a different persons name.

Suicide bomb: Buyable for traitors. It can be detonated with a large radius, however killing you. Useful for large crowds.

Blood splatter: If you’re within a certain radius of a person that dies you get their blood on you. (The blood can be tested to see who it belongs to)

Rag: Buyable by traitors, it cleans blood off you and can remove DNA off of weapons. can be used 2 times.

Modified last words: If the person was not typing during their death, the last thing they said can be viewed, if they were typing what they were saying can be viewed instead.

Modified DNA tester: Actually make it work, the DNA collected has the persons name labeled on the DNA sample(s).

Stackable deaths: If the ragdoll falls from a high distance, it will be added. If hit really hard, blunt trauma will be added. If shot, the weapon used will be stacked on it. Original cause of death can be viewed through Tab.

 Greatly appreciated, Soulie.

Bumb, can no one do this? :confused:

Edit Terrorist Town and rename it?

Eh, some of your ideas are, interesting, but not really practical. Having DNA identification kind of ruins the mystery of it all.

What gave you the idea it’s called Trouble in Traitor town?

running this in my server now jeremiah’s house of pwn, great gamemode honestly this is the best shit I’ve played in a looong time

They’ve now “legalized” the sharing of modified scripts of this so I thought I’d bump this.

These ideas sound over powered and/or cheap.

It’d be incredibly sick though.

+1 for these ideas but -1 because it seems so complicated

No one likes gamemodes where things are overpowered, the trick to get a good gamemode is to balance it.

It’s just a edit and rename. but the rag should be a gadget for the traitor in the actual gamemode.