Trouble ripping models from pcsx2

I’ve got pcsx2 and 3dripperDX, but when I try to open the ps2 game in pcsx2 through 3dripper, it doesn’t “catch”. As in, the yellow indicator saying that the 3dripper is working isn’t showing up and therefore it isn’t working.
Anyone know how I can fix this?

It may be using OpenGL, in which case you should use OGLE (OpenGL Extractor).

I’ve also heard that it’s impossible to rip from, so it may be that.

It runs on directX 9 though…Does anyone know any other way to rip models from ps2 games?

You can’t, all your rips will be useless, flat jumbles of polygons.

There is no way to fix the rips either, as they have no z-axis data because of how the emulator renders.

Use 3Dvia’s print screen feature. Works pretty well with PCSX2.