Trouble To loading Gmod after 7 months...

So I just did a clean install of Gmod on my computer, yes its clean (Installed Fresh OS). and everytime i goto play the game it reboots my computer, it begins to load, then reboots, I get a messages saying I’m low on memory & i check it out noticing its downloading every other source game in my games list… which i do NOT want because I don’t have the harddrive space for this.

Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66ghz, 1.57ghz.
3 gig ram ( physically 4gb)
& Intel G45/G43 Express Chipset.
80gb HD
(windows XP SP3)

I also have this problem on my older machine.
AMD 64 3ghz
1gb ram
Radeon x700
40gb HD
(windows 7)

Except with my Older machine, the computer doesn’t crash I just can’t see any online games or even use any of the menu buttons… except for options & exit.
Any Ideas?

Not sure if this will work, but try updating your drivers.

Post your GPU not your chipset. If your running 945 This is why. Any Intel Intergrated GPUs can’t do Orange box. With out some errors or problems/

The GPU is part of that chipset sorry, haha, its the GMA 4500HD. since I found that out, i’m guessing XP doesn’t support it, but thats just a guess, still would like help.

ALL Intel GMAS are not supported with the ORange box, due to lack of hardware. Best you can do is just upgrade to GPU to an actual Graphics card. I recommend a HD4670.

That sucks, Because I got it just because I figured it would play seeing as its DX10 capable haha, well really just so i could play my call of duty hehe. oh well, just need to find a bigger hd for my win7 machine i suppose.