Trouble with Converting to OBJ

Hello, I have read tutorials on how to use the MDLDecompiler and I am having a TON of touble with it. I can’t figure out what to put in the boxs listed when I open the program. The “Output” for example is one of the boxes that is driving me crazy, what do I put in it? What boxes do I check, and do I need to use GCFScape with it? After all these shenanigans and annoyances I have started to wonder if it’s a better option to install plugins for 3DS to allow it to read VTFs, MDLs and the other Source Files or to just convert my files to OBJ, a format that 3DS uses. What files do I convert and how do I put them all into one file so I can just import it to 3DS? As you can probably tell, I’m new to this and I need some help.

This is practicly a last resort before I just try and figure it out on my own. I have looked on all different sites to learn this and I’ve had no luck. If one of you can add me on Steam and help me there, I would greatly appreciate it.

the converter won’t give you OBJ but SMD, for which importers for max do exist.

And thge decompiler isn’t really hard to use.
a) select the mdl you want to decompile (all files with the same name but different filetypes ought to be in the same folder)
b)create the folder where you want the decompiled version to be
c)point the decompiler to output to that folder

So you’re saying go into the “Models” folder of the ragdoll I want to import, select just the MDL File(One file, you want me to select just one file right?). and put it in the space that says “Choose Model File” then I just tell it to place it in a new folder? Do I have to check “Dump old Unweighted SMDs” or “Do not fix rotations on animations” or “use Steam File Access?” Then after all that it just straight up goes into 3DS?


it keeps saying can’t load file.