Trouble With DarkRP Shipments

Hey people :slight_smile:

So me and my current clan are at the moment setting up a GMod Custom DarkRP server, we’ve got everything sorted everything is perfect, apart from one thing, Me and another fellow member of the clan have scripted the custom classes etc etc, but then we hit a wall. The gun dealers and drug dealers shipments, we’ve go the script perfect, but the server doesnt host the model that we need, the .mdl from the “Q” prop list is:


Could anyone give me a link to somewhere I could download this .mdl file from or show me the route location to in in my Steam file please :slight_smile: it would be very much appreciated.

Delete the model path in the script it will use the default supply box model.

Uhh, this would be located in the halflife directory, not the garrymod directory. Gmod will autoload the needed content, there is no worry for it. Try it out on your server first, and if you do get troubles, report back with a screenshot of the shipment.