Trouble With DarkRP

Hey guys, I wasnt sure where to post his topic, so If its in the wrong place then im sorry :).

So me and my current clan are at the moment setting up a GMod Custom DarkRP server, we’ve got everything sorted everything is perfect, apart from one thing, Me and another fellow member of the clan have scripted the custom classes etc etc, but then we hit a wall. The gun dealers and drug dealers shipments, we’ve go the script perfect, but the server doesnt host the model that we need, the .mdl from the “Q” prop list is:


Could anyone give me a link to somewhere I could download this .mdl file from or show me the route location to in in my Steam file please :slight_smile: it would be very much appreciated

You need to have Counter Strike Source content correctly installed to the server. Please see this post to see how the directory structure should be set up.

Alright thanks i’ll check it out now.


The server has the CSS content installed on it properly, the item is a HL2 item, everything is set up perfectly, i just need the item .mdl file so I can input it to the models folder on the server.