Trouble with exporting TF2 model, dem bones.

It’s been over a year since I dabbled in modelling. I decided to pick it up again to make more weapons for TF2. I gave up last time because it required too much brain power to decompile/recompile etc.

I’ve managed to build a model from scratch, from memory I added bones to all 4 parts of the model. Skinned them. Made they parent/child etc and export using WWMT smd exporter. But when viewing the model in HLMV the bones are way off and the model is split up.

Here is what it looks like in 3DS MAx 2014:

And here it is exported and converted to mdl using WWMT:

I’ve tried everything I can to fix this. Going over the QC file reveals no obvious errors. The only clue I have is if I export this to OBJ and import into Blender, the bones don’t appear, well they do but they appear as mesh not bones. When I tried a 3DS file, the bones appear in Blender but they are also moved and not linked to anything. It’s infuriating. It takes longer to work out how to get models into the game than it does to make them from scratch.

What happens when you turn on viewing bones in modelviewer? Are those pieces linked to the bones properly, but the bones are flying everywhere, or are they just not linked to the bones properly? If they’re linked to the bones properly, make sure you parent the bones to eachother.

Typical, managed to just solve the problem.
I had made the wheels both separate models, skinned bones to them and exported. I instead merged all the objects to one, skinned the correct vertexes and exported. Worked.
When I tried to animate the wheels they would spin everywhere, even though in max they worked great.
Turned out I had both the wheel bones as children of the main chassis. Which I thought was correct. I removed the link and now they spin perfectly.
I hope this helps out others.