Trouble with GCX

Hello, ever since i downloaded spacebuild 3, i’ve had trouble with GCX and other weapons. like when i spawn a Trimode Howitzer it gives me lua errors saying “entities/trimodehowitzer/init.lua:134:attempt to call global ‘RD_GetResourceAmount’ (a nil value)” and nothing works. it wont fire or anything, it just continues giving me the lua errors in a loop. does anyone know how to fix this? i deleted SB3 and SBMP and all, but still nothing…

hmm… are you using GCX svn? Because I don’t think the SVN is working properly at the moment. Have you only tried the Trimode howitzer? Some of the GCX guns don’t work, and just give lua errors. Try some other guns from the pack.

its not the SVN and its with all the weapons of GCX, even munitions, but this is the first problem i’ve had with it since i installed SB3. as noobish as it sounds i don’t know how to COMPLETLY re-install gmod. i would do it but it wouldn’t get the gmod folder in steam apps. so if you know how to do that it would help.

Isn’t GCX pretty old? Maybe when you use it with SB3, it thinks it’s SB2 and fails… because they are different. Just a guess.
You could try getting SB2. There’s an SVN link on my SVN tutorial:

i deleted SB3 and there are absolutly zero downloads or useable SVN links for SB2. but still its giving me troubles.

Missed that part?

still having troubles with it, any takers?