Trouble with installing addons on SRCDS Server (workshop.vdf)

Hello, I have been spending countless hours over the last week trying to get addons on my SRCDS GMod server. I’ve found support, all of them seem to help, but none of them entirely fix my problem. It should be fairly simple to get these addons on my server:

  1. Drivable Jetski Kawasaki (not working)
  2. Garry’s Mod on Wheels (not working)
  3. Lua Rollercoasters (working)
  4. SCars slim, basic, extra (slim works but only slim)
  5. TF2 Vehicles (used to work – I explain below)
  6. WAC Aircraft (partially working)
  7. WAC Community 1 (not working)
  8. Weight STool (used to work – I explain below)

Here are the things I’ve tried:

  1. Using the Steam Workshop
    This method worked… not really. I was able to get SCars slim, GMod on wheels, Rollercoasters, WAC aircraft, weight STool, and TF2 vehicles to work, but only after I played around with the order in which the addons were listed. I’ve found a lot of places on these forums with no advice except to manually install the addons. Which is what I did in:
  2. Manually extracting the addons
    I downloaded a tool for extracting addons from .gma files, I renamed all the info.txt’s to addon.txt, and I installed those on my server. When I did that, I got many errors from mainly WAC and SCars basic and extra. Some addons didn’t mount at all. I tried running the .gma files through the extractor and TF2 Vehicles didn’t mount onto my server. Great. However, SCars slim loaded, and that hadn’t happened before. On WAC, some of the aircraft worked but vehicles like the Little Bird AH-6 had no colliders and would not allow me to get in.

I’m running a mid-2010 27" iMac with 12GB of ram and 2GB allocated to a VirtualBox vm, where I run Debian linux, which is where the server lies. My point is, has anyone found any way to actually install ALL ADDONS with NO ISSUES? I really think there IS a way, and I am getting really frustrated trying to get my server up.

Thank you.

Use the extractor but don’t change any files, upload them to the appropriate folders, i.e. materials, models etc. should help, a log would be quite useful