Trouble with Listen Server

I have recently tried to create a small listen server for 2 of my friends. I have forwarded my ports (27015). I have tried using sv_lan 0, then switching maps. I have also tried heartbeat command. However they still cannot join. They can find my server on the list and they can join and download my addons. However when it is about to be done it says “connection failed after 4 retires.”
My router is an AirPort Extreme. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you


If you port Forwarded, Then you don’t need to do sv_lan 0 or any of that crap, Maybe you got the wrong ports? I used to have a server that anyone can join, But I shutted it down, The start port was 27014 and the end port was 27050, Try these ports instead.

It depends on how you’re starting up the server, try using “map mapname” in console and try sv_lan 0.

Thanks I will try and report

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It worked thank you fender!