Trouble with map seeds

Alright, so I went to and found a map seed that I like. I put my server as that seed, but what I get is never what the site said it would be. Am I doing something wrong or is this happening for others as well?

If the map seed is old it probably will get a different result. The terrain generator is being worked on to improve the maps, every time the generator is altered the results from a seed will probably alter as well. The last change to the terrain generator was in the 5th of March update

Could you link me to an example map where you experienced this?

Just a note on map seeds as a whole - there’s currently a server bug where your map seed is actually +1 for what you set. So if you set your map seed as 1000, the server automatically sets it to 1001. From what I’m told, this only appears on large map seeds though. You might be able to check this by typing server.seed in the server console to double-check.

make sure u have the right map size.

+server.worldsize 4000 or what ever size u want… has to be the same as the seed you found on playrustHQ

I always do check my seed numbers. I do not think they are getting +1 added to them. For example: I tried Seed 8989898 with a world size of 5000, but the map i get is totally not what it says it is.

This one?

It was generated on the 5th March which is after the last terrain update dropped - meaning the map was outdated. I do try and mark all the outdated maps accordingly but it looks like this one slipped through.

I’ve re-generated it (anyone can do this - there’s a ‘Refresh Map’ link at the bottom) which has produced a new map. If you’re still seeing the old one, your browser has cached it, so hit CTRL + F5 a few times which will force your browser to re-cache it.

Hope that helps you!



I’ll see if I can add some kind of ‘Does this map look incorrect?’ at the top of the page - at least that way users have a call to action to try before contacting me to investigate further.