Trouble with spacebuild

I have been trying to make a ship using a spacebuild corvette. I am adding extra hull peices to the ship. But when I adv. dupe it, the contraption behaves like the ship isn’t there. When I phys gun it, I only grip the seat and any door I attach to it.

do you have to most up-to-date version of the Wire (Adv. Dupe is part of Wire)?

if not, that could be the issue

I have the same problem. I pasted a dupe, and it removed the original ships hull too!
This is obviously a sbmp or wire problem. A small change of garrysmod update tho.

I just figured it out. Apparently there was nothing wrong with the mod. It’s just that the scripted door in the SB model pack is a little touchy when it’s nocolided into other props.